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a little bit proud

18 Aug

…a little bit not.

I talked to my roommate today. Actually, I cried at my roommate today. I said my piece and she listened. Really listened. It took a ton of guts, especially because I was essentially having a conversation that there was no solution to. There wasn’t really a problem to be fixed, but rather, I just had to air my grievances.

I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just complaining. Two months later, though, and I am still crying. I wonder if I can be happy here?

I feel better, but am worried I made her feel bad for hurting my feelings. None of us meant to make it hard. It kinda just happened. I wish I could have a really great conversation without crying. I fear it is manipulative- like how can you be mad, when you so clearly hurt my feelings.

Does anyone else have this problem?