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grace in small things: forty three

6 Mar

5. weekends

4. hearing about dates, without having to go on them.

3. hot chocolate

2. day drinking at a The Glass Door on Saturday

1. watching movies. yay Netflix.


grace in small things: thirty seven

7 May

5. I hate sweaters with belt loops, but I am exuding grace today because I am wearing mine so it doesn’t hang there so unused in my closet.

4. today is going to be great, even though I will probably drown in work. It WILL be great!

3. Looking forward  teaching to swim class… I kinda can’t wait.

2. Thankful for Fresh & Easy. I kindof really like all of their juices, not a fan of their fake Gatorade. It is kinda salty.

1. Top Chef Masters. I just wanna go visit all of their amazing restaurants when I am NY later this month. Where should I go?

grace in small things: thirty six

29 Apr

5. Nasal spray. Gross but Amen, all at the same time.

4. Someone slightly older than me at work, that does what I want to be doing. She is awesome for career advice and pep talks.

3. Not being hungry during the expensed lunch at work, meant that I got to take my food home for FREE dinner!

2. Gatorade. Yummy.

1. Downloads-  and to hoping they work. And for IT departments- for fixing them when they don’t.

grace in small things: thirty five

15 Apr

5. I made this cheesecake. The crust burnt. I will let you know how it tastes tomorrow.

4. I ate all of the cherry topping because it was so  good, before I even had a chance to put it on the cooled cheesecake. Fortunately, it was super easy so I can just make more.

3. After a crazy cry fest in a crowded restaurant, I feel like I have my two best friends from high school back. Who knew?

2. The 5 mile run I NAILED last night. Which kind of justified the cherry pie situation later that night.

1. TJ Maxx- because my spring form pan for my cracked cheesecake was only $5.99!

grace in small things: thirty three (sunshine edition)

26 Mar

Hey guys! Look what I was awarded from the one and only IntrigueMe from Quarter for her Thoughts: SUNSHINE! I will get onto passing it on next week, but for now a little grace to send some sunshiney thoughts your way.

5. Awards! Love ’em. Love that there were even more  great bloggers she gave awards to. I love finding new reading material!

4. Spending all weekend in the desert on a camping trip. 80 degrees, people.

3. Possible getting a smidgen of a tan. Pretty please?

2. Job interview tomorrow AM. I will let you know how my hunt for the most humbling job ever is going.

1. The flat tire on my car, because it meant that I had an excuse to go to Costco and eat a hot dog. Sparkpeople hates me, my tastebuds love me, and my budget didn’t even mind because I only spent a buck fifty!

grace in small things: thirty two

18 Mar

5. We ran hills. I’m pretending to be graceful about it.

4. I drank hard for St. Patrick’s day, and all I can say is Amen. It was about damn time.

3. Ms. Dash Teriyaki Marinade on chicken. Awesome. Edible. Delicious.

2. Sisters.

1. The patience to deal with a crazy time suck at work.

grace in small things: twenty nine

4 Feb

5. girlfriends.

4. Sparkpeople.com I have been tracking my food and excercise here all week- and though THEREMUSTBEANEASIERWAY and it is awfully annoying, I have been eating way more dried mangoes and way less cookies

3. Girl Scout cookies. Let’s get excited that you don’t have to order them 4 months ahead of time anymore.

2. Brothers. Rock.

1. Self-exploration (ahem.)