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neglected bloggess seeks new theme

5 Nov

… and new therapist.

How the heck are you supposed to know if you are seeing the right one? or if they are helping?


hornier than thou

5 May

Lately, I find myself thinking about what it means to be a woman, a good amount of the time.

And here’s why:

I am hornier than my boyfriend. and it’s not the first bf I’ve had a “bigger appetite” than. (Fortunately, he is very accommodating.)

I need a raise and am too scared to ask. So I keep running tapes of “Women get paid 74 cents for every one dollar a man works” and “Men get paid 25% more than women for doing the same job” over and over in my head telling myself that I don’t want to be another statistic.

I, officially, now, one day a week, dread putting on make-up and “getting ready”. But after being so gross at swim all day Saturday, the last thing I want to do is come home to curl my hair.

I know these are all based in stereotypes, but my own thinking about them makes them valid, at least in my head.

Is there anything on your radar lately that makes you feel more or less, like a lady?


27 Apr

I think my life has come to a pill tracker.  A daily pill tracker. The plastic kind used by 80 year olds so they can sort out their meds. I have added to my collection of birth-control and multivitamins, an assortment of other supplements and daily holy-crap-i-forgot-to-take-that-again pills.

So I think I need a pill tracker. Is that bad?

Oh, and I think I left my omg-i-can’t-leave-home-without-it water bottle at the doctor’s office today. boo.

Did I mention that I am sick, and a little bit more whiny (than usual)?

And I am in love with Shania Twain. She is cute and fabulous and her songs bring back so many memories for me. Plus she is Canadian, and was so sweet on Idol, how can you not love her?


15 Mar

“Worrying is like a mental rehearsal for failure”

my mantra for the minute- to encourage me to mentally rehearse for success not failure.

Also, nothing annoys Refuses more than me worrying, and frankly it makes me not as fun.

I am not Suzy Sunshine, and I probably will never be, but hoping something doesn’t go wrong is no way to go through life.

Here is to being neither an Eternal Optimist nor Miss Glass is Half Empty, and to just being a worry-free version of me!

can you feel it?

9 Mar

Can you? I am running this half marathon (despite the fact that I don’t have enough money to pay for the race until my next paycheck). Please hope with me that it doesn’t sell out, because then I will cry.

Daylight Savings time is just around the corner- which means running! after work! In the daylight!

Ah! I can feel it already. I feel better about myself, and am excited for summer! and work (a little), and I am eating a little differently.

What are you doing that’s a little different? Are you loving it?

happy, really?

6 Oct

Hi happy,
It was so nice of you to show up today. I’ll have you know it was also totally unexpected. But yet, here I am, happy. It’s a little sick.

I worked 10 hours, have $0 until the 9th, and thought it was Wednesday all day when in fact it was Tuesday, and look, still happy.
I stayed up too late last night, was late for work and have a bed covered in clothes that need to be put away. How is this possible?

Actually, you know what? Nevermind. I am just going to go with it.

Don’t crush me, I am happy.

grace in small things twenty four

27 Sep

I am feeling lucky, and happy and maybe a bit hungover from a crazy-ass weekend.

5. Thankful that UCSB taught me to play beer pong very well. It is a skill that has impressed the male-sort on many occasions.

4. I only barfed once this weekend. So thankful, because it could have been much more than that.

3. Pants went out of town. All the good shit goes down whenever one of my closest friends leaves. Strength in un-numbers?

2. We are throwing a Halloween party and my bee costume fits!

1. My sister kicks ass, and she’s got the body to prove it. She completed a 20 day backpacking trip with her boyfriend. I would say hanging out with your BF for twenty straight days would kill you, let alone doing it in the wilderness and hiking 15 miles a day. Plus, she lived off of shitty camping food they carried in and was basically hungry for 17 days.