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grace in small things: thirty two

18 Mar

5. We ran hills. I’m pretending to be graceful about it.

4. I drank hard for St. Patrick’s day, and all I can say is Amen. It was about damn time.

3. Ms. Dash Teriyaki Marinade on chicken. Awesome. Edible. Delicious.

2. Sisters.

1. The patience to deal with a crazy time suck at work.


grace in small things twenty six

21 Oct

5. It is almost fall. That means there is still summer weather in San Diego, but I get to apply my dark purple nail polish to my toesies and not feel out of season. Yay!

4. Coats.

3. There will probably be a new boy by Christmas… err, hopefully by Easter?

2. Concerts, concerts and more concerts.Ohh I cannot wait for all of the swooning over lead singers, and the dancing.

1. 45 minute conversations with my brother. He is my anchor, time and time again.


31 Oct

Halloween plans… will be the death of me!

There is much anticipation in the air, and I cannot wait for the roomie to come home.

We are off to check out Jason Mraz tonight.

From there we are headed to a Heaven and Hell party. It is turning out to be a very expensive evening, but we decided two nights ago to throw caution to the wind and blame our irresponsibility on being young.

I cannont wait to don my cute (and cheap!) black cocktail dress, red angel wings and red halo.

Yes, it is oh-so predictable and stereotypical, but frankly, we are so excited to fit in!

Shallow and careless will be theme of the evening, and I am letting all of my worries go by the wayside.

Fabulous Fourth

4 Jul

I had an amazing time. I hung out with my kickball girlies, which was a little Joy Luck Club, but fabulous. The house party, where I met Fin was also amazing, as Fin was this cute gorgeous New Zealander who found my attractive pull so irresistible, he couldn’t muster up the courage to ask for my number.

Oh, ladies, how I flirted my tail off. I waited for him to approach me, each time, smiled, muttered irresistibly witty comebacks, only to be convinced that severely liquored up Fin was never going to get to the punch.

The verdict: apparently he had his heart broken by an “almost marriage” quality gf who cheated on him. He recently moved out to CA to recover, and had been off his game ever since. (as told to me by his female roomie. He also apparently sucks at cleaning a bathroom.)

I mingled, I danced, I flirted with older boys, and I let Kate pawn me off. She sauntered around the party with me on her side and we loved it. All of her friends were amazing. They are all late-twenties, so sure of themselves, so everything I want to be. They are funny, smart, beautiful. They are all my older sisters in my once orphaned life. I have since been adopted.

And then Bear texts. Then calls. Then texts. Then texts again. All booty-licious. All undeserving of answers.