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non-response: cheating edition

3 Aug

he sent: “thought you would like this juicy bit of news jack and jill went ring shopping… hope you are well :)”

my non-response: “wow. looks like all of you are good at being in shitty relationships.”

he would have said: “you were in the relationship too.”

my non-response: “no. you and I were completely different relationships.”

I haven’t heard from Refuses in 9 months, and he sends hope. you. are. well?  I deleted.



grace in small things: forty three

6 Mar

5. weekends

4. hearing about dates, without having to go on them.

3. hot chocolate

2. day drinking at a The Glass Door on Saturday

1. watching movies. yay Netflix.

need mine now

27 Feb

sometimes, you just need an anthem.

This is mine:

never were

1 Feb

I miss all sorts of things that were never really there.

best and worst of 2010

23 Jan

The nicest boy I have ever dated treated me the worst.


13 Dec

I just want to cry. and I just want to be comforted by his smile.

And I just want to believe again.

why I can’t watch the Bachelorette

22 Jun

I can’t watch people making out. Or kissing. Or having sex. At all really. So I don’t do so hot watching the Bachelorette.
Me and you eighty-year old grandma just can’t seem to stomach it.