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thinking about not thinking of you

2 Feb

but it is getting harder everyday to play it cool. I like that you tease me for being ridiculous, but you let me do it anyways.

I refuse to call you, so instead I wait. Which seems to work, but we are busy, and busy means quick conversations that end in us not being able to find two minutes to spend together. And we both know two minutes wouldn’t work anyway because two minutes turns into two hours, at the least, because we can’t keep our hands off each other. And then we are bound to be hungry after so we entertain ourselves at some restaurant and then wait a week to start all over again.

And, oh my god, if you knew that I was thinking about you all the times in between.

The weekend comes and it is 24 hours straight of giggling and making out, like I have never let you kiss me before. But we steal the time away from each other, just like we steal the kisses and the looks, and in return refuse to hint at any sort of commitment. Let’s keep it that way, because, in between all the times I am thinking about you, I am thinking about how I could just leave and make this stop because, well, it really isn’t going anywhere anyway.

And, oh my god, if you knew that I was thinking about you all the times in between, then maybe you wouldn’t let me go.



2 Aug

I have a few crushes- boys that I meet and keep in the back of my head. Boys that I never admit to liking, but friends always seem to bring it up in a “Ya, cuz you like him” sort of way.

My crushes are all coming out of the woodwork this weekend. Where are they when I really need to get over someone?

Crush One and I met under awkward circumstances, SEEING AS I WENT HOME WITH ANOTHER GUY. I was excited to see him again and my friends knew that going in. He had just taken the Bar and was party-ready. I too was party-ready, had brought a cute shirt to change into, and actually told Kay at some point earlier in the day that I needed to make out with someone for fear that my fabulous hair would go to waste. I showed up looking hot, Crush One and I made small talk, and I let friends engage in their own version of musical chairs in order to position us near each other.

Part of me loves the dance that comes with meeting people. I love the sarcasm, the witty first-comments. I love making people laugh and flirting a little.

And oh how I love jumping in a cab at the last second with three boys, while your friends cheer you on at the curb, hoping something good comes of it.

Crush One and I made it back to his place, left his friends to crash on the couch and messed around a bit. It was fun, easy and carefree.

In the morning he left me to hang out in my own drunk stink (sexy, I am sure), while he showered. I don’t know if he needed to shower or what, but in any other situation, I would have gathered my things, put on my clothes and let him take me home. Seeing how it was so early, however, I refused to get up, and cajoled him into crawling back into bed with me. We cuddled (a little, he really isn’t very touchy?!?) and chatted about anything I could think of.

I did most of the work when it came down to it, with the exception of the bedroom part. I am ambivalent and not really worried if it goes nowhere.

Where is Crush Two, you are wondering? Well, Crush Two AKA Hoff, his brother and I are going to a Padres game tonight and it will be the first time I have seen him since last June.

The back story on Hoff and updates to come.

Big Brother

6 Apr

make out maybes turned into make out memories*, except not with Guy Friend 1 as predicted, but rather his older brother.

I am going to skirt the blame on this one because there were Bionic Beavers served in pitchers with 5 punch-y straws begging to be sucked on. Did I mention the part where the old (and I mean old) Kansas fan joined us in a ceremonial drinking of the red, cough-syrupy liquid and proceeded to rub my back? ewww. Fortunately every guy we were with noticed, and I was promptly rescued from his creepy claws.

We drank and danced and let Travis play us his tunes. Damn, that kid has a great voice. Kay likes to refer to him as a panty melter. She is probably right. I should have been making out with him. But instead, Big Brother provided the drinks and I provided some tongue. Frankly had my judgment been spot on, I probably wouldn’t have made out with anyone.

And so this morning I texted Kay to come get me, and a few Excedrin later, here I am. Still Hungover.

*actual remembering not guaranteed

Makeout Maybes

23 Mar

Went out in PB with Kay, her new boy and Steph. All in all, we had a great time. We ended up going back to his place, which I was increasingly excited about because Shea’s new boy has a roommate that is soon to be a teacher. In other words, he could have been a definite prospect.

I lost a few hands at beer pong and couldn’t read this guy AT ALL. He seemed to be waiting for someone to call (v. bad sign) despite his single status, and was just not all that captivating. He didn’t laugh at my jokes (what? you didn’t get the memo? Oh, I am hilarious a few drinks deep). Then, just about the time everyone passed out, he just goes to his room, leaving me half-asleep in a fully lit room with blaring TV and no blanket.

At one point during the night, I seriously asked myself if I would make out with him. All roads pointed to yes, mostly because this pretender likes to be kissed. Upside of Guy Friend 1 being completely uninteresting: He has friends. That I haven’t met yet. And because I didn’t make out with him, they are all still prospects. Whoo-hoo!

I am not interested in being a repeat offender in the “making out with a guy before you meet all his friends, only to realize you like his friends” department.

Is it bad to evaluate boys on their make out potential upon meeting?