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secret messages

19 Aug

If you could read my mind, you would know that I have spent the last 4 days rereading your message. I like to keep it up in the background so you feel closer, and you would call me so I can plan on ditching work early so we can hang out doing nothing for the rest of afternoon.

If you could hear what I was thinking, you would know that I giggled so many times today reading over our dirty drunken text messages. You would have heard me rationalize away us breaking up. You would have known that I have been indulging my every thought of you. I have let my mind wander, let myself miss you, let myself get attached, let myself imagine how the next week will go- if you come back to me.

Of course I may end up crushed, but honestly, not taking the chance to see you for a week just doesn’t seem like an option. I am fueling my own fire because I never got the chance back then.

Now, if only you would come fan the flame.