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grace in small things: thirty six

29 Apr

5. Nasal spray. Gross but Amen, all at the same time.

4. Someone slightly older than me at work, that does what I want to be doing. She is awesome for career advice and pep talks.

3. Not being hungry during the expensed lunch at work, meant that I got to take my food home for FREE dinner!

2. Gatorade. Yummy.

1. Downloads-  and to hoping they work. And for IT departments- for fixing them when they don’t.


wanna get paid?

22 Apr

Have I told you about my second-job?

I did it, I landed weekend work-  to go with my weekend boyfriend and my weekend workouts.

I hope my weekend friends won’t mind. Kidding, kinda.

Anywho, I have dedicated Saturday & some Sunday mornings to teaching little ones how to swim. Supermans, blowing bubbles and neon rings now have an official spot in my life. Odd. I never saw it being this way.

But it is worth it to have a little extra money coming in, and a little extra worry going out.


9 Feb

Refuses is of the mathey-sort.

and I am of the debty-sort.  I would like to think in  a perfect world, I could impress him with my google doc budgets and cash flow reports, but let’s face it- I have $125.00 until Feb. 25 and can’t figure out how to pay my rent and my credit card in the same pay period.

So when Refuses helped me make a budget (whosehorriblyeffedupideawasthat?), and I was notified of my impending doom that is my financial situation, positive outlook on life is not what came to mind.

Turns out the running shoes, clothes, perfume, magnets, and fabulously sexy valentine’s day lingere is going to have to wait.

Looks like I better add a stinking tab to that spreadsheet and title it “Wishlist.”


look where you’re walking

4 Jan

Whoa. Talk about a year.
1. I bitched, moaned and cried about my job.
2. Then I got a new one.
3. For less money.
4.  But I eventually paid off my dad.
5. I loved my roommate, and we moved downtown.
6. I did DIY projects, on the cheap.
7. We got kitties. I mean I learned how to live with kitties.
8. I fell in love. and then sucked at realizing it. and then we got back together.
9. I cut up two credit cards.
10. I found a direction for my career, for now.

going to look forward- but making sure I don’t run into a pole while looking back.

crafty little devil

13 Oct

First thing’s first. I am not crafty. I am, however, very very broke. So as a result I am teaching myself to become crafty.

I like new things, but due to the *ahem* lack of funds, instead of buying new things, I am making old things new.

This is my fist attempt, so please don’t laugh.

Before: (yes, it’s upside down) -4

After (part one): I removed the old fabric and stapled the new fabric and ribbon on. I purchased the fabric online through purl. It came in a day and I was so excited to get it! -1

After (part 2): I made my fabric covered buttons using a kit I purchased at JoAnn’s and superglued them over the staples where the ribbon intersects. It is so cute and I cannot wait to hang it! This project was a perfect confidence booster, was no-sew (thank GOD!) and was less than $10!-3

same stress, new cycle part 1

3 Aug

I am stressed out, approximately every 14 days. Every two weeks I am freaking out about when I am going to get paid- And I have a steady job with a steady income.

I know this sounds crazy to some people, especially those who don’t have jobs, but I am not going to pretend to understand what you are going through, because I can’t, and I wouldn’t know where to start.

Yesterday I cried for the first time in my life over money. My adult financial situation.

Ya, Ya, people my age bitch all the time about how we don’t make enough or a “so broke,” but yesterday I said, out loud, for the very first time how much money I owe. And then I cried.

I cried because every last cent of money owed is money I have actively spent. Sure some unfortunate things came up, but the money wasn’t mine to spend and I did anyway. Every latte, every lunch, every night out was I choice I made. Every necklace and every vacation or weekend trip.

It is no one’s fault but my own.

And no one can fix it but me.

ignoring you, ignoring me

27 Apr

I have been ignoring the blog. Not sure why, but it seems like the cool thing to do (Ben, Julie, & Jersey Girl) At least they came out of their droughts gracefully. I cannot say the same for myself.

A few things have been on my mind.

One: Refuses and I: not made for each other, not lasting past August. Still gonna hurt, though.

Two: Salads have never looked more unappealing, despite delicious looking dressing. blah.

Three: College would be easy. Can I go back?

Four: I wish I could save some money. I need a non-bias third party to look at my finances and make me a budget. I spend money on stupid shit, and need to pay off those credit cards. Thanks Obama for helping me with SOMETHING.

Five: My life has never looked better so I am pretty much preparing for the worst.


Seven: Has anyone ever taken a self-defense class? That is something I would like to check off my list.

Eight: To go or not to go the blogger meet up in June. I haven\’t registered, I can\’t find a cheap enough fare, but I feel like all you 20SB people are just what I need. Anyone going from San Diego?

Nine: 19 more days left until this hell hole of a job is over and I get to start my new one.

Ten: I feel better already. Thanks, Internets.