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not sure…

20 Feb

… I can stand knowing that some people won’t ever hear their music.

Go download, stream, or purchase Fiction Family‘s first album.



because grace isn’t my finest quality

26 Jan

grace in small things: one

5. reading these and doing this.
4. The four songs that let me finish the half-marathon the way I wanted.
3. Phone calls to my sister where she let me blabber about my idea for a volunteer site that won’t be retarded.
2. My roommate who found her light not too long ago.
1. A shower clean enough to sit in after my sore legs refused to hold me up after my race.

shorter now

23 Apr

Flo Rida conjures up visions of Chiquita bananas in my head, and maybe low rider cars in others’. Rihanna apparently conjures up images of speech disorders in my boss’s head.

Today while listening to a cable music channel at work, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” comes on.

In all sincerity, my boss peeks his head around his computer and says,

“Is she stuttering?”

Yes, it is all the rage with the youngsters. While we did give up on complete sentences a few years back, we have not yet given up in using full words. yet.

I think. I could be edging onto the old end of whippersnapper.

flo rita?

16 Apr

So the dance party last weekend inspired me to download some hip/hop and R&B in hopes that I end up with some songs that I can’t help but move to. That and my workout playlist has been very uninspired as of late.

So after downloading the likes of Bon Jovi, Van Halen and some Journey (because, after all, who can’t shake their bootie to that?), I took a peek at the iTunes Top 40 list for Hip Hop.

Um, I live on this planet. I watch trash television like the The Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I can sing along to a good number of songs played on the radio, daily. I am not out of it. I promise.

However, I cannot pick out the likes of Weebie? Soulja Boy, however, I do know.

So when I was scrolling the list, I asked my roommates, “Do I need anything by Flo-Rida” except I pronounced it as RI-TA. As in Rita was going to sell me a banana?

Then my roommate’s bf, just looked at me and busted up laughing. Somehow he managed to say, “It’s Flo-Rida” as in rider.”

hmm. That makes a lot more sense. I am an idiot. I will keep you posted on whether or not I actually enjoy this Flo Rida’s tunes.