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try dating boring: part two

23 Aug

Read try dating boring: part one



He texted and called, and I responded like a normal person.

He always answered so matter-of-fact-ly, that I actually mentioned to Mandy that I was couldn’t get a feel for his sense of humor. He didn’t want to play with me, there was no banter back and forth, and that was red flag #1.

So we scheduled a date over the phone, and I mentioned that I lived downtown, and I listed a few places I go every now and then and few of my favorite parts of town, and he didn’t seem to know about any of them. In fact, he had never been to whole neighborhoods within San Diego, and he GREW UP HERE. Red flag #2.

We settled on my choices, because he kept saying “I like to do something on a date” and “We can’t go there, there is nothing to do.”  Hmm, wonder why? Well, I don’t.

Date night started out with a brisk walk from my apt, to a bar to buy tix to a local comedy show (I paid), followed by appetizers at a restaurant nearby. I had to WAIT for him to order a beer, before I finally said, “I am getting a Sierra Nevada, do you want a drink?”

We swapped likes and dislikes, career and family info, and he ordered sweet and spicy shrimp as an appetizer. I am not kidding you, I literally watched him choke these down. Apparently he doesn’t “like” spicy food, it upsets his stomach, and he flinched with every bite of shrimp. They were covered in the goopiest, sweetest sauce, that wasn’t the least bit spicy- and homeboy couldn’t hack it.

We grew up in San Diego, home of the dirty taco shop in a strip mall, and this guy was trying to tell me he doesn’t like burritos. Burritos – God’s gift to drunk people.  I was starting to think all he ate was WonderBread.

Then I mentioned I was up for a job in SF and it would be really cool to get it- “Great for my career,” I explained.

And his face dropped. Like I just told him his cat died or something equally as tragic.

So I continued on about how I didn’t know if I could get it, and how the interviews were practice, and how I just excited to see what came of it.

And his face stayed like that.

And I ignored it. Until I just couldn’t any longer. I said “Are you okay?” and he muttered something about everytime he meets someone they leave.

So, I ignored that too, and chatted on, relieved we had a comedy show in our future. The conversation never got slow, but I was a bit exhausted from pulling a lot of the weight.

Case and point: We chatted for a bit about our favorite items at Trader Joe’s. He said he really enjoyed this green juice drink, I raved about instant frozen rice that was perfect in three minutes.

His reply: “You know rice is bad for you, right?”

And all I could think was, “Hey, nitwit. I didn’t tell you if it was white or brown. Plus, what-the-eff- do  you want me to do with that comment?” Great conversationalist, this one.

So I giggled about it being brown rice and we moved on. I wasn’t even going to argue a point, should I have cared to think of one.

I beat him at finishing our respective drinks, and I was sipping mine… slowly.

I let him pay for apps, drinks, and my suffering.


Way Weird Wednesday

17 Nov

Because only crazies are at the coffee shop at 10:30 PM.
Because I still love Third Eye Blind after all these years. They bring me so much peace.
Because I have gone for 5 days without coffee. Way weird.
Because I saw the same guys at the aforementioned coffeeshop that were here last night at 2:30 AM. Wait, does that make me weird?
Because I am excited for therapy.
Because Refuses works against me sometimes, when he tries to protect his family
Because work is getting weirdly hard.

grace in small things: thirty six

29 Apr

5. Nasal spray. Gross but Amen, all at the same time.

4. Someone slightly older than me at work, that does what I want to be doing. She is awesome for career advice and pep talks.

3. Not being hungry during the expensed lunch at work, meant that I got to take my food home for FREE dinner!

2. Gatorade. Yummy.

1. Downloads-  and to hoping they work. And for IT departments- for fixing them when they don’t.

CPR for dummies

28 Apr

I am taking a CPR class through the Red Cross. And bless the Red Cross for educating America on CPR and First Aid. But, lordy, are some people dumb.

There I was (naively) thinking that graduating college signified the last time I would ever have to listen to someone raise their hand in class, only to comment and repeat exactly what the professor said.

“I’m sorry. Did you have a question?”


“Then put your gosh-darn hand down!”

And leave it to Mister Comment Man to be the only one in the whole stinking class to not GET IT at the end of the 4 hours. Too busy formulating his comments and anecdotes in his pea-brained head to listen to the instuctions.

3 seconds, then breathe, idiot.

Dear Mister Comment Man,

Please do not be within a 50 mile radius of me, in the off chance that I require CPR. I will take my chances on the woman that mistakenly sat in the CPR class instead of the First Aid class for 15 WHOLE minutes, despite the teacher indicating which class this was three times, and her name NOT being on the roster.


Fearfully weary of the general public


27 Apr

I think my life has come to a pill tracker.  A daily pill tracker. The plastic kind used by 80 year olds so they can sort out their meds. I have added to my collection of birth-control and multivitamins, an assortment of other supplements and daily holy-crap-i-forgot-to-take-that-again pills.

So I think I need a pill tracker. Is that bad?

Oh, and I think I left my omg-i-can’t-leave-home-without-it water bottle at the doctor’s office today. boo.

Did I mention that I am sick, and a little bit more whiny (than usual)?

And I am in love with Shania Twain. She is cute and fabulous and her songs bring back so many memories for me. Plus she is Canadian, and was so sweet on Idol, how can you not love her?

overdraft fees blow.

23 Feb

My roomie is stubborn. I am stubborn.

The worst part: she was right.

ugh. Wish I wasn’t so stubborn.

home redefined and an additional mind fuck

28 Jun

I don’t come home everyday to bug you. I don’t walk through the door and ask how your day was so you can give me that “wow, you are annoying” look. I wasn’t plotting on the way home how I was going to piss you off tonight, and when I left my dishes in the sink this morning it wasn’t to simply piss you off.

I didn’t pack anything before you got home because I knew you expected it, yet your “You got far while I was at work, thanks” comment still warranted a “you’re welcome.” We get along great except for all the times you forget that NOT EVERYONE IS EFFING LIKE YOU. It doesn’t bug me that the knives are in the wrong slot, or that there are clothes on my bedroom floor. Frankly, you are the only one that has a problem with it, the only one that decides it is annoying- So don’t tell me to make an “executive decision” on something small, because we both know I wasn’t asking for me. If you could chill the eff out, my sanity would appreciate it.

My life’s goal isn’t to annoy you, so stop mistaking the way I live my life as simply getting in the way of yours. I wouldn’t dare waste my time, plus I am sure you would disapprove.

End of Rant, part 1.

Girl movies really mess with my head. Girl movies that analyze girl thinking about boys with boys also analyzing girl thnking are a million times worse.

He’s just not that into is great, frank, and relatively entertaining. But, holy hell, if there is ever a girl move to make you feel lonley, that is it.

End of Rant, part 2.