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16 Jan

I like you with him. I think that you two have something good going. I have never seen you answer your phone so many times in a day, and you entertain his conversation and his jokes. I like you with him.
It seems comfortable in a way I am not sure you are ready to admit. He seems so in awe of you, so charmed, and we both know that is just how you like to be seen.

You have earned his affections, and your friendship over the years has built a trust between the two of you that no one else can understand.
He has had it hard. Made tough decisions, and been in bad situations.
And you knew him then.

But you also knew his heart. You didn’t ever seem to expect the unexpected, but when he grew strong you were the first to acknowledge his change.
He doesn’t seek your approval, but I am sure he appreciates your honesty, your humility and your friendship.
I like you with him.

Your dedication to a friend in need, a friend in fun, and a friend no matter what, makes me proud to be your friend.
You are the most genuine example of trust and dedication, and your unfailing dedication to your friend makes me happy and honored to have you as a friend of my own.



1 Jul

I’m a chicken. I couldn’t have the conversation with my roomie I promised myself I would have tonight.I was going to be an adult, not bottle every conversation up and let it eat me alive, but rather say “hey, you know I think there are a few things we need to talk about.”

But I didn’t because I was too scared of the result. To scared she would be mad at me, not scared at all that she would say no.

So tomorrow I am going to convince myself that having her mad at me won’t be the end of world. Tomorrow is the day.

home redefined and an additional mind fuck

28 Jun

I don’t come home everyday to bug you. I don’t walk through the door and ask how your day was so you can give me that “wow, you are annoying” look. I wasn’t plotting on the way home how I was going to piss you off tonight, and when I left my dishes in the sink this morning it wasn’t to simply piss you off.

I didn’t pack anything before you got home because I knew you expected it, yet your “You got far while I was at work, thanks” comment still warranted a “you’re welcome.” We get along great except for all the times you forget that NOT EVERYONE IS EFFING LIKE YOU. It doesn’t bug me that the knives are in the wrong slot, or that there are clothes on my bedroom floor. Frankly, you are the only one that has a problem with it, the only one that decides it is annoying- So don’t tell me to make an “executive decision” on something small, because we both know I wasn’t asking for me. If you could chill the eff out, my sanity would appreciate it.

My life’s goal isn’t to annoy you, so stop mistaking the way I live my life as simply getting in the way of yours. I wouldn’t dare waste my time, plus I am sure you would disapprove.

End of Rant, part 1.

Girl movies really mess with my head. Girl movies that analyze girl thinking about boys with boys also analyzing girl thnking are a million times worse.

He’s just not that into is great, frank, and relatively entertaining. But, holy hell, if there is ever a girl move to make you feel lonley, that is it.

End of Rant, part 2.

grace in small things: thirteen

9 Feb

having roommates that live exciting lives.