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overdraft fees blow.

23 Feb

My roomie is stubborn. I am stubborn.

The worst part: she was right.

ugh. Wish I wasn’t so stubborn.


a little bit proud

18 Aug

…a little bit not.

I talked to my roommate today. Actually, I cried at my roommate today. I said my piece and she listened. Really listened. It took a ton of guts, especially because I was essentially having a conversation that there was no solution to. There wasn’t really a problem to be fixed, but rather, I just had to air my grievances.

I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just complaining. Two months later, though, and I am still crying. I wonder if I can be happy here?

I feel better, but am worried I made her feel bad for hurting my feelings. None of us meant to make it hard. It kinda just happened. I wish I could have a really great conversation without crying. I fear it is manipulative- like how can you be mad, when you so clearly hurt my feelings.

Does anyone else have this problem?

grace in small things: ten

4 Feb

5. Parker bowls from Crate and Barrel
4. Date night with the roomies only came out to $24! Awesomely delicious food, and the chipotle dipping sauce was to die for.
3. Working from home. Some days it is pretty cool, some days it is hard to get up in the morning.
2. The fact that the two piles of clothes on my floor are kinda organized, as in one is clean and one is dirty.
1. Audiobooks.

grace in small things: eight

2 Feb

5. egg sandwiches.
4. tracking on packages. C’mon scarf & necklace- get here already!
3. Roommates who make their own decisions. If only I could be like you.
2. dishwashers.
1. Being able to pay rent.

grace in small things: six

31 Jan

5. Figuring out Refuses as I go and enjoying the kisses in the meantime.
4. Broken Yolk Cafe for breakfast after a fabulous night of partying.
3. A roommate who handles running into her ex with more class than anyone I know. and he was a huge dick!
2. Semi-long nails; because anything is better than super short ones.
1. Sunny days in San Diego aka the perfect sundress weather

grace in small things: four

29 Jan

5. My roommate for driving us to kickboxing last night. I most certainly had found a way out of it if she hadn’t already been going.
4. For being able to look at and adore the cutest Valentine’s day cards on Mighty Goods, without having a reason to actually purchase one. (But having a reason to look is nice 🙂
3. Waking up late and not having it matter that much.
2. Graceless in Office Depot AND Staples. Why can’t they just have what I need. I guess I am just thankful that they have so man options in theory? Okay, that wasn’t grace at all. Switching gears: For the pants that I ironed three days ago, and didn’t need ironing when I woke up two hours late this morning. Love you, already ironed pants.
1. Invites to stuff. It is nice being considered good company, and even better to have people that you consider the same.

grace in small things: two

27 Jan

5. Not waking up at 4:40 AM for swim practice
4. My roommate’s dishwasher emptying reliability
3. Camelbak water bottle
2. Antibiotics
1. A good friend looking me in the eye and telling me, “Wherever you go, There you are.”
I have taken this quote to heart since the new year. There are parts of me that I can’t change.Things that are out of my control, issues that won’t go away by worrying. There are jobs that won’t get any easier if I ignore them, and problems that won’t get solved without a little bit of confrontation. Whatever I hang onto will stay with me, no matter if I am in a new city, or cashing a paycheck that came from a new job.
I like me. I work on myself a lot and am for the most part content with my life and (some) of my choices. And now, I realize that they are mine.