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18 Mar

I got shecklered!

In an episode of the ever-educational “Life of Ryan,” he dumped his girlfriend in much the same way as I was recently dumped. How so, you say? Uh, that would be (drumroll please): Without an actual reason.

Poor Kaylee/Carly/Kylie? Either way, she showed a smidgen of interest with a little-too-extravagant bday present (poorly played, Sheckler’s gf) and was let down with a myriad of reasons including, but not limited to:

“I can’t be the boyfriend you deserve” “I don’t have time to give you what you need” “I’m too busy” and last but not least, “I think you may be more serious about this than I am”

I honestly feel better knowing that I am not the only person this has happened to. And I am furious at the fact that this appears to be an excuse that guys use time and time again. I am floored that it still works! Do girls use these reasons? Has a guy ever accepted this as a reason? What would a guy do in this situation?

ugh. I did everything that you wanted me to. Heck if you were a coach and I was a player, I would be signed up for the fucking 2008 Bejing Olympics by now. The point, I am pretty sure, of the dates and the canoodling was to get me to like you back, because, frankly, we had already established in the beginning that you liked me. I performed like a perfectly trained poodle at the Westminster dog show, all while maintaining my sass and sarcasm. It was going flawlessly. I was careful about not showing too much interest, because, honestly I didn’t know if I was all that interested. I was going to “ride it out,” “see what happens” and then *poof.* Pretty soon I was left with nothing to ride.

Basically, I’m still butt hurt.

And like Alessandra so gracefully qualified over some St. Paddy’s Day spirits: “Oh, so that was pretty recent.” I appreciate your approval of my unjustified obsession of this topic.

And apparently I was interested. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be busy venting.