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grace in small things: five

30 Jan

5. really liking sex. Some people don’t. I do.
4. Clean towels (and omgipickedupthepileofclothesonmyfloorandwashedthem!)
3. Anticipation of a beer milkshake or beer cheesecake (I can’t decide!)
2. Having a reason to shave my legs… and actually remembering to do so.
1. The down mattress pad on my bed. Oh how I love you so!


grace in small things: four

29 Jan

5. My roommate for driving us to kickboxing last night. I most certainly had found a way out of it if she hadn’t already been going.
4. For being able to look at and adore the cutest Valentine’s day cards on Mighty Goods, without having a reason to actually purchase one. (But having a reason to look is nice 🙂
3. Waking up late and not having it matter that much.
2. Graceless in Office Depot AND Staples. Why can’t they just have what I need. I guess I am just thankful that they have so man options in theory? Okay, that wasn’t grace at all. Switching gears: For the pants that I ironed three days ago, and didn’t need ironing when I woke up two hours late this morning. Love you, already ironed pants.
1. Invites to stuff. It is nice being considered good company, and even better to have people that you consider the same.