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Swim Lessons #1

23 Oct

Sometimes it is just about burying your head and plowing through it.



16 Mar

Hell week is oh-so-over. After some much needed recovery (sleep at 9 on Friday and sleep at 5 on Saturday), I basically slept through any hope of festivities. I watched two movies and had an errands galore-filled Sunday. I am hoping this week I get to start on the right foot (or the left foot?).

Have I told you yet that I don’t know my right and left? A little bit of me for you to enjoy.

mission impossible

10 Mar

putting off a kick-ass bod seems to be my latest goal.

don’t get me wrong, I still run consistently and work out, but I cannot seem to get my ass out of bed for swim in the morninig.

i. have. to. go. to. swim. tomorrow.

In order to make me wake up, I am not posting again until I return to swim. Who knows? It could be the end of this blog.