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grace in small things: three

28 Jan

5. Gilmore Girls in syndication. Pretty much my heroin.
4. Urban Outfitters.com for still stocking the scarf I was given as an xmas gift by my brother- and then promptly lost the first time I wore it.
3. Friends of all sorts, for letting me have too many plans this weekend, and for continually providing reasons for me to ignore the growing piles of clothes on my bedroom floor.
2. Optimism, for letting me think, even for a second, that I could teach myself dreamweaver.
1. Eating tortilla chips for breakfast.


Guilty Pleasures

24 Mar

So, apparently, I am a little behind. I was watching the season finale of The Hills from last year and I am shocked! I cannot believe I was so far behind. I had no idea Heidi left Spencer.

Then my roommate laughs at my gasps of disbelief and says, “I can’t believe with all of your Perez Hilton and stuff you are so behind. This is pop culture.”

I love that The Hills is pop culture! Hilarious!